Is Google+ a Ghost Town? 5 Reasons That Will Change Your Mind

14 Apr

Via Scoop.itMegaAulas – Ferramentas Educativas WEB 2.0

Google+ is getting flack for low average time on site numbers, but what do these truly symbolize? And do they really matter?


So with Google+’s new redesign and several articles that have appeared highlighting how Google+ is “dying,” maybe we should reflect on what Google+ is doing right, with perhaps the pundits looking at it through the wrong lens?


What if Google+ never needed to be Facebook, but rather exist as something more?


So you’re on Google+, and you think it’s a ghost town because your friends aren’t on it?


Well, what if I told you none of that mattered?


What if I told you, you could see what you really wanted to see; interact with what/who you really wanted to interact with; and group those interests and engagements into categories and subjects?


Well here’s five reasons how Google+ can make you forget that your friends aren’t here, while still being amazingly useful, interesting and engaging. It’s more than a social network.


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