Social Media Is About Social Science Not Technology

15 Mar

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Social Science is the study of society and human behaviors.


As an umbrella term, we should think about social media and mobile behavior as it’s related to psychology, anthropology, communication, economics, human geography, et al.


After all, everything comes down to people.


Think about your current social media, mobile, or web strategy for a moment:

Do you even know who you’re trying to reach?Do you know what customers or stakeholders expect or the challenges they face?Are you familiar with how they connect and communicate and why?Lastly, do you understand the journey they take to make decisions?

In the Pivot Study –  – The State of Social Marketing 2011 – 2012 – conducted in 2011, brand managers and marketers were asked if they had a clear picture of who their Social Consumer is. Download Entire Study here: ;

An astounding 77% said yes.


Once you listen, not monitor, but truly listen to customer activity and observe online behavior, you cannot help but feel both empathy and harmony.


Empathy is the secret ingredient in what I refer to as the ART of Engagement.


It is the source of inspiring desired Actions, Reactions, and Transactions that means something to all those involved in commerce and relationship models.


The answers lie in intelligence and empathy.


Leadership unfolds in how you translate what you learn and feel into appreciation and understanding of the state of customer sentiment and how that correlates to the state of customer relationships.


Then and only then, can you imagine and eventually articulate a new vision for what customer relationships and experiences should and will look like and lead the organization in a new and promising direction.


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By Brian Solis – ;


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